"Mediocrity begins when you stop pushing yourself, avoid your fears and stop taking risks. Nobody cares about mediocrity." – me
"Leadership is functional.  Not a label, class or position."
IE Favorite Things: Second Edition
November 30, 2012

Ask and you shall receive (again) I’ve received a number of reader requests to post a few of my “favorite things”…

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Ask IE Inbox: “I recently fell off the wagon…”
November 27, 2012

From an IE Reader: “Last March the family relocated back to Des Moines and I completely fell off the wagon.  I…

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Automobile TCO Comparison
October 15, 2012

“Car guys” aren’t the only ones. Not a day goes by that most American men don’t think about cars.  I wouldn’t…

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7 Steps to Building an Accurate Personal Budget
September 7, 2012

Is it true that it’s not what you make, it’s what you spend? If this is still a debate in your…

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Ordering from the Kid’s Menu
July 12, 2012

When we eat out, we spend too much.  We eat too much.  And we look back with regret (most times). But,…

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Healthy Food Combinations to Adopt Today
June 10, 2012

We’ve all strived to consume what foods are best for our bodies. Well, at least learn what they are… For those…

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Top 10 Things I Think You Should Know
May 3, 2012

There is no shortage of lists stating the “Top 5” this and the “Top 10” that. This is not a bad…

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15 Biggest Food and Nutrition Myths
March 12, 2012

To remain fully transparent, the below list was taken from a MensHealth.com slideshow. Unfortunately, slideshows are easy on the eyes, not…

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